Los casos de Chelo Gómez


Los casos de Chelo Gómez, Ilustradora Raquel Cané, México, Jus Libreros y Editores, 2016. ISBN: 978-607-9409-51-7


  1. A group of MIT and Cornell engineers created Matter.io, a company that is attempting to capitalize on the vast world of 3D printing designs on the internet by making it simpler to make, download, best fins for freediving and share designs. The concept came from the founders’ realization that CAD recordsdata, which are used with every 3D printer, are made for engineers to grasp, rather than the common particular person. The Matter founders needed to alter that by making it simple to embed the recordsdata into web sites so users can download and customise the designs earlier than sending them off to Shapewayss to print or print them at house. Matter needs to make 3D printers simpler to use so they will be more shortly accepted by the common client.


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